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Titefriends (Tight friends) reveals the close friendship between two honored entrepreneurs and authors, Ernest Mensah and Eric Yeboah, who are deeply into electronics and technologies.

Ernest and Eric became friends in 2006 and have been disagreeing to agree most of the times. Their friendship, however, has given birth to one of the belonging dumbfound magazine resides in Italy - Great Ambition Magazine (GAM), entitled with the aim to eradicate juvenile delinquencies by empowering, entertaining, educating and alerting them in exposure of their in-built potentials. For more info visit: www.greatambitionmagazine.com.

Digging deep in technology, these two peppy authors have eventually published their first computer book to meet the academic needs of Junior High School (JHS) students and help relieve any cyberphobia they may have, adequately to computer users.

The book entitled "PC 101 - Basic Concepts of Computer" is thoroughly, accurately, and objectively prepared based on JHS ICT syllabus. It is fundamentally written and dedicated to ICT teachers as a handbook and a manual to all students and computer users. In view of this, the authors officially recognize their book as meeting the essential requirements of academic excellence of students and recommend to all.

About us

Ernest O. Mensah and Eric Yeboah are both freelance writers, journal editors, e-book authors, and as well as Penn Foster graduates. They currently frequent a degree course at Penn Foster College, studying "PC Maintenance Technology."...

The book

PC 101 is a handbook for ICT teachers and a manual for students and computer users. It is an easy-to-use handbook of PC proven with illustrations to improve your understanding whiles reading. The product of eight years initiative of writing...